Gillé and Vliegen make it to the semi-finals

Gillé and Vliegen had a hard time in the first set against the British Evans and Norrie, who also lost to the Canadian Milos Raonic in the singles earlier today. The Belgians, however, managed to win in the first set with 7/5. In the second set it was 6/3. “It was not an easy match. We had to do everything we could today to win here. It are two experienced singles  players who didn’t have that much experience in doubles. We knew they would return very well. It was a tough win our own games. We trust each other completely and that was perhaps the crucial factor in this match. We are very happy to play in front of an audience again and hope to see you again on Saturday.”

Michael Geerts (ATP 391) and Yannick Mertens (ATP 467) played on Court 1 against the Spaniard Pablo Andújar (ATP 55) and the Dutchman Sander Arends (ATP 81).

It was a quick victory for the Spaniard and the Dutchman in two sets (6-4, 6-1). Michael Geerts, who competed both in the doubles and singles of this tournament, will therefore no longer play in the Lotto Arena this year. The Dutch-Spanish duo will thereby qualify for the semi-finals of the European Open against Peers/Venus.