Bemelmans almost provides stunt, Murray does not participate

Ruben Bemelmans fell just short of a stunt in his first match at  the European Open on Sunday. Bemelmans lost in three sets to Frenchman Geoffrey Blancaneaux  (ATP-147), so it was his last match in the singles. The other Belgians, Yannick Mertens and  Alexander Blockx did their best but could not finish their match victoriously. It was also announced  this evening that Andy Murray will not participate at the European Open, more info is not available  for now. 

Ruben Bemelmans started his last tournament as a player. He is entering both singles and doubles.  However, Sunday evening became his final singles tournament. The 24-year-old Frenchman Geoffrey  Blancaneaux won in three sets. In the first set Bemelmans was able to run out  immediately to 1-4, but Blancaneaux fought back to a draw. Bemelmans put all his experience to work  and won the first set 4-6. In the second set, the Frenchman took the lead. He quickly ran out to 3-1  and it eventually became 6-3. In the decisive set, it was 1-2 in favour of the farewell saying Bemelmans,  but Blancaneaux took over and climbed to a 4-2 lead. Bemelmans still fought back to 4-3, but  Blancaneaux finally pulled the sheet to himself 6-3. 

Yannick Mertens (ATP-840) failed to qualify for the second qualifying round at the European Open. He  went down fighting in three sets against 22-year-old Dutchman Jesper De Jong (ATP-225). Mertens lost  the first set 3-6. In the second set he turned the tables: 6-3. But the experienced Belgian did not steam  ahead. In the decisive set it ended 6-1. 

Alexander Blockx (17) was also unable to qualify for the next round. The Belgian talent lost in two sets  to 20-year-old Dominic Stricker (ATP-139). Blockx, who reached the quarterfinals in the juniors at the  US Open, showed bouts of his class. But Stricker went straight through the young Belgian’s serve.  Blockx battled back, but still had to leave the first set to the Swiss 6-4. In the second set, both  youngsters kept pace, but after six break points Stricker went through Blockx’s serve at a 3-3 score.  The Swiss finished it off 6-4. 

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