COVID-19 measures

For the 2020 edition, the organization worked hard to have a safe event and developed many COVID-19 measures.
You can find the most important COVID-19 measures below:

Update 23/10/2020:

The European Open can still welcome fans that have tickets for today 23/10. On Saturday and Sunday, the tournament will be played closed doors. People with tickets for the weekend will be contacted by Tele Ticket Service. Thank you fans for your continued support and understanding. We hope you stay healthy and we look forward to welcoming you in 2021.

Update 17/10/2020:

– Instead of one empty bubble seat, there will be two seats left empty.

– There will be a curfew in Belgium so we will adapt the tournament schedule to make sure everyone gets home at the right time.

– You will have the possibility to drink or eat when you sit in the stands.


– All tickets must be ordered in advance. There is no ticket sale at the door.

– The person purchasing the tickets must keep the contact details of the persons who are coming to the tournament with him and, if necessary, hand those contact details over to the organization or the authorities. (contact tracing)

– Tickets must be purchased at least in pairs.

– If it is not allowed to continue the tournament with the public, the ticket holders can choose for a voucher or refund of the tickets.



– There is a mandatory temperature scan upon arrival. Attendants with an elevated temperature will be immediately isolated, after which a doctor will decide whether or not the person concerned is allowed to enter the event site.

– Logically, each spectator disinfects their hands and there will be disinfection columns in several places.


– To ensure that everything runs safely, the organizer has divided the room into smaller groups and created separate flows, each with their own entrance / exit. The flows are indicated by colored zones.

– Your color will be stated on your ticket.

– Within the Lotto Arena, the public remains in the allocated compartment.


– Within the Lotto Arena (also in the stands), the public must always wear the mouth mask correctly.

– The public itself provides a mouth mask. Mouth masks can be purchased at the event.


– The European Open organizes the drink and food stands in a Corona-proof way.

– The mouth mask may only be briefly removed while drinking and / or consuming a meal.


In order to keep everything as safe as possible for everyone, the public must agree to the COVID-19 measures taken by the organizer and strictly follow them. Failure to comply with these measures will result in the immediate withdrawal of the ticket and removal from the event site. We wish you a lot of fun and look forward to welcoming you again in Antwerp.

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