Tickets 2020

The European Open can still welcome fans that have tickets for today 23/10. On Saturday and Sunday, the tournament will be played closed doors. People with tickets for the weekend will be contacted by Tele Ticket Service.

Thank you fans for your continued support and understanding.

We hope you stay healthy and we look forward to welcoming you in 2021.


– All tickets must be ordered in advance. There is no ticket sale at the door.

– The person purchasing the tickets must keep the contact details of the persons accompanying them and, if necessary, hand them over to the organization or the authorities. (contact tracing)

– Tickets must be purchased at least in pairs.

– If it is not allowed to continue the tournament with the public, the ticket holders can choose for a voucher or refund of the tickets.

For more information on the COVID-19 measures, click here.

If you want to buy premium tickets in the boxes, you can order them online via



The European Open also offers an exceptional VIP platform, allowing your company and their guests to be part of this global event.


Prices vary between 250 euros per person to 300 euros per person, depending on the day and formula.

Discover our VIP offer HERE.

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