The first European Open Challenge Day in TC Gym in Antwerp

Antwerp, July 4, 2021 – The first European Open Challenge Day at TC Gym in Antwerp was a great tennis day! In two sessions, eight clubs competed against each other to become provincial champion!

On Sunday the 4th of July, the European Open Challenge Day in TC Gym happened! As the first event since the 2020 tournament, it was a successful European Open day for tennis players in the province of Antwerp. In addition to the challenges played to gain points, you could also play tennis against Dick Norman and Xavier Malisse. There were two session winners and a provincial champion! The winners received a goodie bag worth 85€.

During the summer, four other European Open Challenges Days are planned with the next Challenge Day at TC De Koddaert on Sunday, the 11th of July. The main prizes of these tennis days are VIP tickets for the two best provincial champions.